A Birthday

I Am Max!

This week we prepare for a Birthday. A very special day in the calendar for this family. A day where we not only celebrate a ‘new number’, but a day where we will be forever grateful to be given the privilege to celebrate.

Perhaps a Birthday in your house is all about presents, cake, balloons and ice cream? Well in our house it is indeed about all of these things, but also about a silent ‘thanks’. A silent prayer that we make another happy year. That our dreams aren’t shattered, that our hopes can be realised.

It is on this day, in particular, that I have to give special thanks to our Angel who gave us this gift. Without her we’d never be able to celebrate our Rainbow.

We are nearing four years since our dreams were realised in the shape of our precious Boy. I remember sitting, on a day like today, in the bright, clear sunshine, brandishing my bump to a peaceful world, silently asking if he/she would please, please make a safe and happy appearance very soon – a prayer to be answered not long after.

And now, four years on, our happy little ray of light is all but ready to skip off to school, to embark on his very own path of life, to begin his next chapter.

All this can wait of course, just a few more months of innocence, a few more months of happy ‘Mummy days’, a few more months for me to ready myself, to arm myself and to prepare for my own ‘new path’. For who exactly am I without my Rainbow for company…? Another time perhaps. For I cannot dwell….

The presents are wrapped, the ‘party’ (of sorts) awaits…

Thank you, my darling, dear girl, for the gift of your Brother. He has certainly kept me busy, kept me from dwelling too much, and kept me going. That ‘one foot in front of the other’ feeling of five years past has certainly sped up! Come with us and celebrate the safe passing of another year. Be with us, as you always are, on his special day, on your special day and of course, on my special day.


One thought on “A Birthday

  1. Reblogged this on Earth Lights and commented:
    My beautiful Grandson. He came to us after a long dark winter of the heart and brought light, love and laughter into our broken hearts. Thank you Amelie, darling child, for this dear boy; your legacy. God bless my brave daughter and her partner for their strength in overcoming one of life’s toughest challenges. You are an inspiration.

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